[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] Firgun: A Book Sharing Event

The Dream Shirt is a book-based tees and customized shirts online store that has been open since 2013.

On February 21, 2015, they will be holding a book sharing event entitled Firgun.


You can bring up to 10 books (in Filipino or in English) and then have them swapped for new titles for only PhP 250.00! (it comes with free coffee or a bottle of my fave drink, Bayani Brew!)

Part of the proceeds would go to the kids from Wawang Capiz in Bulacan.

The event will be held on February 21 (Saturday) at Local Edition in Makati City from 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Here are the mechanics for the swap:

* Participants may bring any of the following books (Filipino or English): Fiction, Essays, Poetry, and Art books (No text books or pocket books for now) 🙂
* Participants may bring up to 10 BOOKS for swapping
* Books must be in good/mint condition
* Donations such as text books, toys, etc. for the kids of Wawang Capiz is also accepted during the event.


Here are the winners for the giveaway!


Congratulations Joan and Kathleen!

Check your emails! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who joined!

18 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] Firgun: A Book Sharing Event

  1. I’m surprised. Soon#uyg&o8217;s co-workers couldn’t help but throw out compliments about her acting. I’m watching this 110%. Too bad I can only view it online though and can’t increase the viewer ratings.


  2. Neeesthelvrs, I copied this into my word processor and additional line breaks at the finish of paragraphs. Is there a way you might edit the formatting a little, to make this less complicated to study, for that other folks who come along?


  3. A good third scorer, a point forward, especially if he could penetrate like Ellis or Rush, would have spread the floor and given L & L more optutponiries and better looks. I don’t think the problem is small ball, but the plan and personnel used.


  4. Yeah I knew who Shobana was, because I had recently re-visited Nayakan, it was Bhanupriya who had slipped my mi8o&#n230;ndw that you guys mention it I am sure I have seen her in some Hindi film too.Thanks all!


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